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Re-imagine mental health care

Prism for PTSD: Innovation that augments pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy

  • First neuromodulation procedure to receive FDA clearance as a prescribed adjunct therapy for PTSD (click for press release)

  • Proprietary amygdala-derived biomarker technology


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Going beyond symptoms - Treating mental health disorders using data originating in deep brain regions

Prism will be used by Healthcare Providers to enhance standard of care clinical outcomes.

Prism uses an Amygdala-fMRI-guided model for processing EEG signals. Prism uses several electrodes EEG-signal to produce a real time Amygdala-derived-EFP biomarker signal to train patients in downregulating the Amygdala-derived-EFP biomarker during neurofeedback.

Prism: Supercharging EEG processing with fMRI data

EEG neurofeedback is considered incapable of measuring deep brain regions. Prism is taking a different approach.

Prism’s innovative technology is created in 3 steps:


Step 1

Concurrent EEG and fMRI data was acquired from multiple sessions where the fMRI and EEG were synchronized.

A unique data set of fMRI and EEG​

Step 2

Brain area specific EFP (EEG fMRI Pattern) ​

Using a proprietary model, a unique patient-generic EFP (EEG fMRI pattern) biomarker was created from the synchronized fMRI-EEG data.

Step 3

The Prism system​

The EFP model was embedded in Prism forming  an EEG neurofeedback device (no fMRI needed) used to train patients to regulate the EFP biomarker signal. Therapy includes 15 thirty-minute sessions, conducted twice a week for a period of 8 weeks (about 2 months). Prism is designed to fit at any clinic.

PTSD first, to be followed by an extensive pipeline 

Our first-to-market solution, Prism for PTSD, is a promising software as a medical device for the treatment of PTSD as an adjunct to standard of care. About 250 million people worldwide live with PTSD, yet treatments are lacking and often lead to side effects that may last a lifetime.  

Prism for PTSD: An adjunct to standard of care therapy, was validated in a multi-center clinical trial in 5 medical centers in the USA and in Israel. While using Prism, patients learn to downregulate the amygdala-derived-EFP signal and how to control their PTSD symptoms under the supervision of a healthcare provider.


Prism’s EFP technology has been extensively researched with publications in prestigious medical journals, demonstrating significant clinical improvement across multiple indications with no severe side effects, as an adjunct to standard of care.

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